A Belgrade Community Library borrowerís card is available to any individual who completes the borrowerís registration form online and shows a photo ID with the individualís name and current residence address. If the address on the ID is not current, a separate document (see ďForms of identificationĒ below) may be used to confirm residence address. Individuals with a PO Box may request proof of residence address from the post office.


If a resident does not have proof of address (e.g. an individual experiencing homelessness), the individual may be issued an online card with a check-out limit of two items and an expiration date of one year.† Library staff will make the patron aware of the possibility of obtaining a temporary P.O. Box through the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC).† Staff will also highlight resources that may be used in the Library building and any additional free resources that may be taken home.


A library card is free of charge to Gallatin County residents because the Library is supported by Belgrade City and Gallatin County taxes.† A temporary library card is available for out-of-state and out-of-county residents to purchase for a fee of $10.00 per year.† The temporary card may be renewed every year at $10 per renewal. Patrons must have proof of permanent address and provide documentation with their temporary address. The Library can mail a postcard to the patron, which can be returned to the Library as temporary address notification. Checkout is limited to two items until addresses can be verified.


Forms of identification include:

        driverís license

        piece of mail addressed to individualís street address (PO Box Number does not work)

        rental receipt

        property tax statement†††††††††††††††

        vehicle registration indicating registration in Gallatin County

        check blanks with a Gallatin County street address

        fishing or hunting license

        voter registration


All patrons under 12 years of age must have a parent or guardianís signature on the library card.† Students 12 years of age and older who apply for a library card must have their own photo ID and street address verification, or be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will show address verification.


If the patron does not have the required address verification item, a limit of two items may be checked out or materials may be held for 24 hours at the Library.† The Library may send a postcard to the patronís current street address that may be returned to the Library and used for address verification.


The replacement fee for a lost card is $1.00. Borrowers are responsible for informing the Library staff of a change of phone number, physical and/or email address. Borrowers are responsible for abiding by all Library policies, including responsibility for all library materials checked out on their cards and for lost materials and fines.


A patron may not use another patronís account without the library card in their possession unless a confidential records disclosure form is on file.




The responsible party must fill out an application for an institutional card.† The form, which requires a letter from the organization stating that the organization is willing to assume responsibility for fines and damaged or lost items, is available at the library.† The letter should also list who is allowed to use the card and be signed by the individual who will assume financial responsibility.


The institutional card must be kept by the organization and must be presented when materials are borrowed.† If a member of the institution does not have the card with them when checking out items, staff may look up the account, provided the institution memberís name is listed on the card and the member shows a photo ID.† If the card is lost, another letter from the organization on letterhead will be required.† A $1.00 replacement fee will be charged.


The Institutional CardForm must be completed and will be in effect until canceled by the responsible party. The card expires three years from the date it was issued, unless renewed by the organization.




The Belgrade Community Library, as part of the BridgerNet consortium and the Montana Shared Catalog, has adopted the following material circulation policies:




Loan Period

Number of Items




New adult books

14 days


New large print books

28 days


New books on CD

14 days



14 days



14 days



14 days


Books on CD

28 days


Book club kits

28 days

1 kit

All other circulating materials

28 days



††††††††††††††† All items may be renewed by phone, online, or in person providing they have not been reserved by another patron.† There is a limit of two renewals per item.† Any item on loan from another BridgerNet library will be subject to the owning libraryís loan periods. For information on Interlibrary Loan items please see the Interlibrary Loan section.




There is no grace period on any materials.† An extended use fee of ten cents per day, per item will be assessed on all circulating items except Interlibrary loan items, which will accrue at twenty-five cents per day, per item.† Maximum overdue fees levied for any one item will be $10.00.




If the patron has an email address on file, they will receive an email notification one day prior to the due date.† A final notice is sent either by mail or electronically when the materials are 28 days past due.† At this point the materials are assumed lost and the patron is billed for the materials.† When a patronís accumulated bills exceed $10.00, they will be sent a notice from Unique Management Services, Inc. informing the patron of the libraryís intent to pursue material recovery or resolution of unpaid bills.



Borrowing privileges will be suspended when:

        Reimbursement has not been received by the Library for any lost or damaged materials.

        Accrued or estimated overdue fines have reached $10.00.

Patrons must pay overdue fines and return items or pay for lost items before check out privileges are restored.



All materials more than 28 days past due are assumed lost.† The patron is billed for the replacement cost of the item.† The patronís check-out privileges are suspended.


The amount of lost charges are generally the exact replacement cost of the item.† If the item price is not noted in the itemís record, the standard replacement cost will be used instead.† The standard values are as follows:



Item Type

Standard Value


Item Type

Standard Value

New books





All other books











        If a patron loses or damages individual parts of a set that cannot be purchased individually, he/she may be charged for the entire set. The library will first attempt to replace the individual part.

        With prior Director approval patrons may, in lieu of paying the replacement cost, replace a lost item with an exact copy of the lost item.

        The library reserves the right to adjust the replacement cost for items that are of far greater value than the standard replacement price.

        If an item is lost and paid for but later found and returned, a refund will be made if the material has not been replaced or reordered and no more than one month has elapsed since payment was made.† Overdue fines will not be refunded.

        The library may, at its discretion, allow patrons to take possession of damaged materials that have been paid for after they have been removed from the libraryís collection.† In such cases, the library will hold the item for the patron for no more than 30 days.


After 90 days, lost item charges on the patronís record convert to miscellaneous charges with a note of the itemís title in the patronís extended info record. This allows for the libraryís catalog maintenance.




An intralibrary loan is an item owned by the local BridgerNet group.† These items may have a hold placed on them through the catalog. Patrons may reserve material in person, by phone, or online.† When a reserved item becomes available, the patron will be notified.After seven days the hold will expire.




Couriers transport items between the BridgerNet libraries. We encourage all patrons to return items to the same library where they were checked out.




Interlibrary loans will be used if materials are requested by the patron that do not fit the collection management criteria for purchase and cannot be obtained through intralibrary loan. Patrons are welcome to have up to three interlibrary loans in process at one time. A fee of $3 per item will be assessed if the item is not picked up within seven days of contacting the patron. A second attempt to contact the patron will occur on the 7th day of holding the item. The item will be sent back to the lending library and the fee will be assessed on the 9th day of non-pickup.


Each patron is welcome to request five items through interlibrary loan per fiscal year with no charge. After five items, a $3 per item fee will be assessed to alleviate cost of processing, postage, and courier fees.