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Get Up & Move

Get Up & Move

While our preschool and adult exercise programs are cancelled, the library will be posting a weekly Get Up & Move challenge to our Facebook page.

Week of March 23rd: Explore your neighborhood. Walk down a street you haven’t walked on before. What did you learn about your neighborhood?

Week of March 30th: With the forecast calling for rain and potential snow this week, we want to offer you some options of things to do indoors.

  • For Kids on a screen: switch them over to a fun exercise/movement video for a little dance break. Suggestions include GoNoodle or Stretch-n-Grow of the Rockies.
  • Kids off a screen: Imaginative play! Turn the carpet into lava or quicksand and see what sort of extra effort it takes them to get across or have a parade of animal walks. When it’s part of a game, they won’t even realize they’re exercising!
  • Adults on a screen: There are lots of free exercise videos available on youtube. Suggestions include Yoga with Adriene or Walk at Home with Leslie Sansone
  • Anyone off a screen: Wager for exercise. Add movement to a normally sedentary activity by requiring movement during game play or determined by the outcome. Play war and have the person with the lower score do jumping jacks until their card equals the winning card. Play poker, but wager push ups instead of money. Do jumping jacks everytime you jump the other persons pieces during checkers. Find the game and the exercise that works for you.

Week of April 6th: For National Poetry Month, try writing a walking poem this week. You can either take a notebook with you on your walks this week or simply look around and notice things to write about once you return home. Here’s a couple ideas to get you started:

  • Find one thing that sticks out to you, turn this observation into a short haiku, a three line poem with 5 syllables, 7 syllable, then 5 syllables in each line.
  • Look for something to write a single line about at multiple points along your walk and write them down. Either leave them as is to create a free verse representations of your walk or use it as the framework to create rhyming stanzas
  • Write a line or two of poetry from a specific point on your walk. Pass by this same point on multiple walks, writing something each time. Then at the end of a week (or longer) put all of the lines together to see how your observations created a picture of what has changed (either to the place or to you) over time
  • Look for items that start with each letter of your name to create an acrostic poem

Week of April 13th: Closet Cleanout Promenade! If you have been doing some spring cleaning, potentially going through your closets, try to find something you have fond memories of but having worn for a while. Maybe it relates to an organization you used to be a part of, or perhaps you’ve found something that just isn’t in style anymore. Dust them off and show them off on your walk around town. Maybe this is the last time you’ll wear them before they go to Goodwill, or maybe they will find their way back into your laundry rotation.

Week of April 20th: In honor of Earth Day this week, spend your walks appreciating the plants all around you. If you see a plant you don’t recognize and want to learn more about, take a picture or make a sketch of it. Then see if you can identify it using any of the following tools.

  • Plant Identification apps: two of the more popular of these (that are free!) are PlantNet and PlantSnap, for Android and Apple respectively.
  • Online Plant databases: http://montana.plant-life.org/ is a fairly user-friendly database of plants found in our area, but there are many more you can find via search.
  • Books: Bust out those plant guides gather dust on your shelves, or check out one the Belgrade Community Library’s plant books. We are currently checking out and mailing up to three items per week per household.

Week of April 27th: Take advantage of the nice weather and bring out your bikes, skateboards, roller blades, and any other wheeled or otherwise transportation implements. Any unicycles or pogo sticks out there? With the snow and the puddles all gone–at least for the time being–it’s time to shake off the rust and get moving on these after they sat in the shed all winter.

Week of May 4th: Set a Record! Find a physical activity you enjoy doing and set a personal best. This could be an activity that you have been doing for a long time and are just trying to get better, or you could choose something new-or a lot of somethings new-and start your own personal record book. The choice is yours, just get our there and do your best.\

Week of May 18th: Focus on Healthy Sleep Habits. We’ve all been stressed and out of our normal routines for the past two months. If this has affected your sleep, try to take this week to reestablish good sleeping habits. This means getting enough sleep and sleeping at the right times of day.

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