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Featured Artist: Sarah Angst

Featured Artist: Sarah Angst

Visit the Library in November and December 2021 to see the holiday show by local Belgrade artist, Sarah Angst of Sarah Angst Art.

Sarah has graciously decided to donate 15% of total canvas sales until 12/31 to the Library. Thank you, Sarah!

Here is a message from Sarah about her work:

I am primarily a printmaker. I love the graphic quality of it, and how a bold outline can make colors pop.  Printmaking forces me to simplify things; to find the essence of my subject and display it with only line and color. With all the ups and downs in our world it is soothing to find something simple and serene that grabs your attention and reminds you to slow down and enjoy the beauty in life.

To create my original linoleum block prints I hand carve my drawings into pieces of artist’s linoleum. I then roll the carved blocks with ink and place a piece of strong printing paper on top. Using the back of a wooden spoon, I rub the back of the paper to transfer the black outlines. Once the ink has dried, I bring each image to life by hand painting them with high quality watercolor inks.

I try to create designs that truly resonate with people. I like making images that are quaint and familiar, and that evoke a nostalgic feeling or a cherished memory for the viewer. I want to make pieces that people are drawn to and that they want to share with others. That is why I started my greeting card company, so that anyone and everyone can appreciate, share, or own a little work of art that means something to them.

I am so grateful that I have been able to pursue my passion and build a business from my art that now employees several women right here in Belgrade. There is no greater gift than creating something and having it bring joy to others and I am so thankful I get to do that every day.

From my original linoleum block prints I also create these canvas reproductions displayed here, greeting cards, stickers, magnets, jewelry, prints, and more. Please visit our distribution site and retail shop, just down the street at 82 N. Broadway, open 10-1 on Tuesdays and Thursday and 10-4 on Saturdays starting November 20, 2021 until Christmas.

Finding Sarah

Sarah can be found on her website, sarahangstart.com, Instagram at @sarahangstart, or at her retail shop just down the street from the Library at 82 N Broadway.

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