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Featured Artist: Katie Scharmer

Featured Artist: Katie Scharmer

Katie Scharmer

Featured Artist: Katie Scharmer

Katie's Mixed Media art will be at the library during June & July 2022.

Artist Statement

My work represents a variety of art concepts such as space, balance, texture, and pattern. The first piece started as a challenge to create a sculpture from a bag of random items. With the items I built the letter K. The piece started off quite boring. In order to make meaning of the letter K, I started adding household items to the sculpture that start with the letter K. The resulting piece, "What Begins with K?," launched a series of sculptures using recognizable found objects to create works of art. Some are related by a letter of the alphabet; others are related by color. All are composed of everyday household items.

How I collect the items has become an integral part of the process of creating the piece. My work is comprised of items that have been recycled, discarded, left behind, donated, or otherwise set adrift from their original owner. Thrift stores, garage sales, lost &found bins, and the occasional social media post requesting specific items are creative treasure troves for me. I find the connection to the community that arises from sourcing materials in this way extremely rewarding

I draw inspiration from veteran artists Louis Nevelson and Jasper Johns, and modern artists Tom Deininger, and Michael Johansson.

-Katie Scharmer

Artist Biography

Katie graduated from the University of Minnesota-Morris with a BA in Studio Art and has a MA in Art Management from George Mason University.

Follow Katie's work through her Facebook.

Katie Scharmer
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