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Unplugged Coding: Spring Break Coding Camp

Unplugged Coding: Spring Break Coding Camp

Join us for a week of 

Unplugged Coding

When: March 14-18 (daily during spring break).

Time: 11:15am-12:30pm every day

Age Range: Grades 3-6

Where: Belgrade Community Library Community Room

RSVP: Sign up here

What is Unplugged Coding?

Unplugged coding is learning the principles of coding without the use of computers or screens.

Why learn about coding?

Coding offers a number a great things:

  1. it improves problem-solving skills
  2. It helps us learn how to cooperate with others
  3. it teaches us how to persist when faced with a challenge
  4. It fosters creativity
  5. It’s challenging and fun

What we’ll be learning (by doing):

  1. How do binary (base 2) number work? (base 2 numbers are the basis of computer coding)
  2. How can we sort various things (numbers, length, weight, for example)?
  3. How does a computer effectively check information when copying or sending files?
  4. How can we give precise instructions that get from a starting place to an ending place?

On our last day, we may have the chance to put what we have learned into practice.  Or we may have the chance to see what we have learned in action!

Coding Camp Flyer
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