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Wonderlust: World’s Fairs and Expos, London 1851 to Dubai 2020

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The Belgrade Community Library will kick off its spring Wonderlust series on Tuesday, March 21, at 6:00 p.m. History professor and director of the MSU Humanities Institute, Bob Rydell will present World’s Fairs and Expos, London 1851 to Dubai 2020: Reflectors and Shapers of Culture and History.

When the world was a bit younger, but no less complicated, than it is today, world’s fairs were all the rage.  Between 1851 and 1940, some 300 world’s fairs took place around the world in cities ranging from London and Paris to New York and Chicago and Hanoi and Melbourne.  About one billion people attended these events, making them key instruments for shaping the modern world.  This program will examine the history (and future) of world’s fairs, noting that, contrary to what many Americans believe, world’s fairs, now called World Expos, continue to take place with the next “big” world’s fair already scheduled for Dubai in 2020.

Bob Rydell has taught history for 36 winters at MSU.  He is the author of many books and articles on world’s fairs.  He has taken occasional side trips into the fields of Buffalo Bill studies and the history of higher education, focusing especially on the history of MSU.

Wonderlust is for people who want to continue learning throughout their lives. Non-credit (no-grade) classes are taught by knowledgeable experts and provide the opportunity to interact with fellow learners who have similar interests.Wonderlust programs at the Belgrade Community Library are free and open to the public thanks to sponsorship by First Interstate Bank.

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