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Support the Library

Volunteer Tea

Would you like to consider being a Volunteer?

Contact Gale Bacon at 388-4346.

Opportunities include:

Becoming a Foundation Member
Becoming a Trustee
Book Sale (twice a year)
Annual Winefest Event
Library Projects


Belgrade Community Library Needs List

Updated November 2013

In order to continue to meet the needs of our community, Belgrade Community Library, a nonprofit organization, seeks tax- deductible donations to assist us in providing the items below. Please contact Gale Bacon, Director with any questions concerning the items below.

  • Paint for children’s room
  • LEGO sets
  • Furniture for Teen Zone
  • Bulletin board sets
  • Children’s materials and music CDs
  • Craft supplies
  • Puppets and flannel board sets
  • 7 rubbermaid tubs for daycare outreach program
  • Support toward the expense of newspaper and magazine subscriptions

Items  Generously Donated

The items listed below have been gifted to the library. Thank you for the following generous donations:

  • New Commercial Vacuum Cleaner
  • Book Carts
  • Book ends
  • New blinds/energy efficient, sun blocking
  • Phone system to include voicemail, etc.
  • Paint for bathrooms
  • Folding tables for use in Community Room for events/activities
  • Cabinet at library for Foundation supplies/information
  • Bins for the children’s room
  • Shelving