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Screen Smart Resources

Screen Smart Resources

Treasure Hunt for the Treasure State

buttons2The Montana State Library and Belgrade Community Library invite you to participate in an online statewide scavenger hunt called “A Treasure Hunt for the Treasure State” during the week of Sunday, October 27 – Saturday, November 2. 2013.  Players will be eligible to win great prizes like iPod™ nanos and iPads™.  People can access the scavenger hunt online – anywhere, anytime – just like most library resources.

The “Treasure Hunt” questions can be found at http://mymontanalibrary.org/treasure/.  Participants will find the answers by using the library electronic resources available on our website. The featured resource will be linked on the Treasure Hunt site each day.  All answers must be submitted electronically and will be verified for correctness, as well as for the library resources used.

There will be four separate contest categories with questions of varying difficulty available for students K-5, middle school, high school, and adult age groups.


1. Have FUN!!!

2. You must use the electronic resources listed above

3. You must be a Montana resident

Submit your answers each day here:  http://mymontanalibrary.org/treasure/

Unsure how to navigate our website or use the resources? Stop by the library and our friendly staff will be happy to give you an online tour! Don’t forget to have fun and good luck!

The questions for Saturday, November 2, 2013 are:

Elementary:  The city of Bozeman is named for frontiersman John M. Bozeman, who brought the first settlers in what year?

Middle School:  The Montana native who wrote “This House of Sky: Landscapes of the Western Mind” became famous as a writer and an editor. What other occupation has he held?

High School:  How many trips to Sperry Glacier did Glacier National Park ranger Doug Follett report having made since 1961?

Adult:  A chart in the October 2007 issue of Journal of Wildlife Management highlights three areas where wolverine mortality has been studied: Glacier, Pioneer, and ___.