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Screen Smart Resources

Screen Smart Resources

Montana Information

The following resources include information about Montana’s land, wildlife, history, people, and economy. For more information, check out our non-fiction and reference collections on Montana (call number 978).

Montana Hunting Companion Montana Hunting Companion: Jointly developed by the Montana State Library and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, the Hunting Companion is designed to provide answers to four questions that hunters ask: What can I hunt? When can I hunt? Where can I hunt? How do I hunt?
Field Guide Montana Field Guide: The Animal Field Guide provides information on identification, habitat, ecology, reproduction, range, and distribution of Montana’s animals. The Plant Field Guide offers information on plant species of concern.
Natural Heritage Program Natural Heritage Program: The Natural Heritage Program provides information on Montana’s species and habitats, emphasizing those of conservation concern. The Program is operated by the University of Montana in partnership with the Montana State Library.
Natural Heritage Tracker Natural Heritage Tracker: The Natural Heritage TRACKER provides distributional information for animal and plant species by quarter/quarter degrees of latitude and longitude in a manner consistent with P.D. Skaars Montana Bird Distribution (Lenard et al. 2003).
MapViewer Natural Heritage MapViewer: The Natural Heritage MapViewer is an interactive web mapping service that allows users to perform a variety of tasks to access and use MTNHP databases and information.
Montana Memory Project Montana Memory Project: Digital collections  relating to Montana’s cultural heritage. In part, these collections  document the Montana experience and serve as a resource for education, business, pleasure, and lifelong learning.
State Publications State Publications: Information published by a state agency intended for public distribution.
Archive Montana Archive Montana: Archive Montana is a fully text searchable online archive of web sites. The domain of Archive Montana is Montana government and non-profit web sites. The archive enables Montana to preserve a new heritage, its government and non-profit web sites, for permanent public access.
Census and Economic Information Census and Economic Information: The Census and Economic Information Center provides demographic and economic data and analysis, GIS support, technical assistance and training. CEIC assists Montana businesses and communities along with schools and government agencies to access and use this information for decision-making.
Montana Labor and Industry Statistics Montana Labor and Industry Statistics: Data Tables for Labor Market Information includes information on employment, unemployment, wages, industries, and occupations. This site will assist you in finding, sorting, and downloading data such as occupational wages and employment by geographic area, industry employment, and unemployment statistics.