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Screen Smart Resources

Screen Smart Resources

How Is Culture Reflected in Dance?


Amy Stoddart

In this Wonderlust special event, Amy Stoddart, a professional dancer, author and dance historian, demonstrates how distinct cultural beliefs shape distinct traditions of secular and sacred dance.

As examples, the class will explore and compare the development of dance theories and practices of 1) the Western European Theatrical Dance, 2) the Sacred Indian Classical Dance Bharatanatyam, and 3) the scared dances that celebrate and pay homage to the West African Yoruba goddess Oshun.

Stoddart’s “How Is Culture Reflected in Dance?” is the second of a three-part series presented through a partnership of the Belgrade Community Library and Wonderlust. The series is free to participants through exclusive sponsorship by First Interstate Bank.

Seating is limited. Call Belgrade Community Library – 388-4346 – to reserve your ticket.

How Is Culture Reflected in Dance?

Three Examples from Around the World 

Presenter: Amy Stoddart

Tuesday, April 2

6:30 – 8:00

Belgrade Community Library

First Interstate