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Screen Smart Resources

Screen Smart Resources


Click a topic to learn more. If the following information does not fully answer your questions, we welcome you to contact a staff member by calling (406)388-4346.

How do I place a hold on an item?

Once you find a book in the catalog, you can place a hold on an item that is currently not available by clicking the Place Hold button on the left side of the screen. Fill in the user ID (complete library bar code number) and PIN information, and then click on Place Hold. When the hold is successfully placed, click on OK.


How do I renew an item online?

Log in to the card catalog using all 14 digits of your library bar code number, with no spaces, as the user ID. Everyone automatically has the PIN changeme (once you log in, you can click on My Library Account and create a new PIN. Your PIN can be any combination of numbers or letters, 4 – 10 characters long). To renew items, click on My Library Account, then Renew My Materials. A list of items checked out appears – check either the small box beside individual items or the circle next to Renew All. The next page will show what items were renewed, or if an item was unable to be renewed. Click OK, then Logout (in the blue line).


How do I check when my items are due?

Log in to the card catalog using all 14 digits of your library bar code number, with no spaces, as the user ID. Everyone automatically has the PIN changeme (once you log in, you can click on My Library Account and create a new PIN. Your PIN can be any combination of numbers or letters, 4 – 10 characters long). Click on My Library Account then Renew My Materials. A list of items checked out appears along with their due dates.


How do I get an item that the library does not have?

If you have searched the card catalog and the book is owned by one of the other BridgerNet libraries, (Bozeman, West Yellowstone, Three Forks, Manhattan) you may simply place the item on hold with your Belgrade library card.  The item will be transported to the Belgrade Library via our courier service and you will receive a phone call when it is available for pick up.  If the item does not appear in the card catalog, please speak with a staff member to place an Inter Library Loan request.


How do I recommend that the library purchase a book it does not have?

Please speak with a staff member to fill out a Book Order Request Form.


How much are fines?

Fines are $.10 per day, except for Inter Library Loan items, which have fines of $.25 per day.


What if I lose library materials?

If you lose an item that belongs to the library, you will be charged for the replacement cost of the item as well as a $5.00 processing fee.


How long can I keep library materials?

New books check out for 14 days.  Books, audio books, and magazines check out for 28 days.  Items can be renewed twice as long as they are not on hold for another patron.


Are there any limits to how many library materials I can check out?

New book on CD are limited to two items checked out at a time. There is no limit on the number of books or movies that may be checked out.


Who do I call if I have a concern?

You may call the library director.  The Board of Trustees also welcomes calls about the library.  The Names of Board Trustees’ is located on our About page under “Foundation and Trustees”. The Library phone number is (406)388-4346.


Does the library accept donations?

All donations are tax deductible.  You will be given a receipt at the time you bring in your donation.
Financial donations will likely be used to purchase new materials and update our collection.

We accept donations of fiction and nonfiction books up to 5 years old if they are in good condition.  We accept current year magazines.  All DVDs, videos, books on cassette and books on CD are accepted. Textbooks and encyclopedias are not accepted.  The library reserves the right to either add items to the collection or put items in the book sale to raise funds for the library.


Does the library have a meeting room available?

Yes, please see the Services page for more information.


Who created the art that is hanging on your walls?

The library displays art created by local artists.  Usually the featured artist displays their work for 1 or 2 months.


How can I have my art displayed on your walls?

Please contact the library at (406)388-4346.


When is the next board meeting?

The Board of Trustees generally meets the fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm.  Please check the Library Calendar for specific dates.


Can I come to the board meeting?

Yes, the Board of Trustees meetings are open to the public.  Anyone may come to observe.  If you have an item you would like placed on the agenda, please inform Gale Bacon at least one week in advance.


How do I join the library book club?

The book club usually meets on the fourth Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm. They Mystery book club meets on the second Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm. Check the Library Calendar and the Newsletter for a specific date and to see what book they are currently reading.  Then all you have to do is show up!


How do I get a library card?

To get a library card you need to present a photo ID and proof of residency (something with your name and address on it: driver’s license, check, lease agreement).  Library cards are free for residents of Gallatin County and $25.00 for non-residents.


Does the library have internet-enabled computers available to the public?

Yes, the library has stations with word processing and internet access.  Most of these stations have 45 minute access periods and 1 station has a 20 minute access period for faster turnover.  Computers are available on a first come, first served basis.


Does the library have free wireless internet access available?

Yes, the library has free wireless internet access.  You should be able to connect without a password or login.  However, the library staff will not be able to provide any technical support for your personal computer.



Will I be charged for this service?

The library doesn’t charge a fee for this service, but your mobile service provider’s regular text messaging rates still apply. Check with your mobile service provider to see the cost of text messages in your service plan.


How do I sign up for Shoutbomb?

Send a text message with only the keyword SIGNUP to 406-215- 4240. If you do not get a text in 15 minutes, please text WEBCONFIRM to 406-215- 4240. If you do not get a response within three days, contact the library with details of
your issue.


Can I associate more than one library card to my phone number?

Yes. After you sign up with your first library card, send the message ADDCARD to 406-215- 4240 and respond to the prompts.


What kinds of messages are available with the Shoutbomb service?

General services messages
ADDCARD – Add an additional library card to your notifications.
ADDEMAIL – Request to update user's profile with an email address.
DROPEMAIL – Request to update user’s profile by deleting existing email address.
FEES- Toggles notification on or off when fees have been added to your account. This option is
not automatically turned on when you register.
HELP – Request detailed descriptions and how to use each keyword.
ISBN – Texting the letters "ISBN” + a 10- or 13-digit ISBN number to search the library catalog.
Useful if you are in a bookstore and want to check library holdings.
SIGNUP – Register for text messaging service.
RESEND – Resend the last message from Shoutbomb.
TEST – Test your connection to Shoutbomb service.
QUIT – Turn off the text messaging service.
SWITCHPHONE – Allows you to update your account with a new phone number or carrier.
Hold messages
HL – Request a list of your items currently on hold.
HOLDS – Toggles hold notices on or off. (This is automatically turned on when you register)
Overdue messages
OL – Get a list of overdue items.
OA – Request to renew all overdue items.
OW – number of overdue items ineligible for renewal and why.
OVERDUE – Toggle notification on or off for 1,14 and 28 day overdue warnings. (This option is
automatically turned on when you register.)


How do I quit using the Shoutbomb service?

To end all text notifications and cancel your
registration, text the message quit to 406-215- 4240, then reply to the instructions from Shoutbomb.