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Screen Smart Resources

Congratulations to Our Teen Writers

Teen Read Week Writing Contest Winners

Zoe and Julia pose with speaker and performing artist Tahj Kjelland following the Teen Read Week program, Express to Speak.

In honor of Teen Read Week, local middle school and high school students were invited to submit original poetry on the theme “Seek the Unknown.” Out of all the quality entries received, two poems stood out as this year’s winners. Julia Brunette’s poem “Fear” came in first, and Zoe Eberspecher’s poem “Seekers” came in second. Both poems are listed below for your enjoyment.

Teen Read Week™ is a national adolescent literacy initiative created by the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA). It began in 1998 and is held annually during the third week of October. Its purpose is to encourage teens to be regular readers and library users. In addition to this year’s writing contest, teens were  invited to participate in a special poetry and hip hop workshop called Express to Speak. Presented by performing artist Tahj Kjelland, this program encouraged participants to find their voices through a series of mind mapping exercises.

“Fear” by Julia Brunette – First Place, 8th grade

It scratches against my window
It creeks my bedroom floor
It blows the branches of the willows
It’s footsteps above the floor
It’s the creature’s howl to the moon
The dark hole in the corner
The silence of the woods
All the bad things that could happen would
It’s the butterflies in my stomach
The bad feeling inside
It worries me the most
Getting sucked in by the tide
The end of the bullet
The beginning to the end
Being someone you’re not,
having to pretend
It wastes the good times and breaks the chances
It feels like falling down
a dark, dark hole
But We can’t get strong without,
The unknown feeling is
Fear itself

“Seekers” by Zoe Eberspecher – Second Place, 8th grade

The unknown is everywhere,
Everything in sight.
Everything from gravity to stars in the night.
We keep on reaching trying to find a way,
But to find everything there is no way.
We’ll be forever reaching, grasping for the answers,
For cures for everything from Alzheimers to Cancer.
We are the seekers, the scientists, the astronauts,
Fighting against logic that’s to be forever fought.