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Biz Kids and Math Wiz Summer Registration Now Open

Biz Kids is back!  The popular series for kids entering grade 3 or higher is a fun, fast paced program that teaches kids about making and managing money.  Biz Kids will begin on Thursday, June 14th   Younger kids who have not participated in Biz Kids before will meet at 1:00 for Beginning Biz Kids.   An advanced group for older kids or those who have graduated from a previous Biz Kids program will meet at 2:30.  The advanced Biz Kids will move to the next level of entrepreneurship.  The groups will continue through July 26, but will not meet the week of July 4th.  Please preregister for this program.


Math Wiz returns to the library in July.  Kids entering grades 3-12 are invited to improve their math skills by playing this challenging but fun math game.  Math Wiz is played on Tuesday afternoons beginning  June 19  and continuing through July 31 at 1:00 in the upstairs Community Room at the library.